Classroom Policies

  • Classroom Policies

    Absent:          (1.)  When you are not in school  it is your responsibility to find out what work you missed.

                            (2.)  I
    f you are absent the day of a test,  you must take it  10th period the day you return to school. 

                            (3.)  Missed work MUST be made up.

                            (4.)  Use 10th period to make up work.

    Homework:  Homework will be counted as part of your grade.  You need to have your homework with you in class when it is due.  If you do not have your homework it counts as a zero.  This will effect your report card grade.  The fourth and all subsequent times you come to class without your completed homework assignment will result in a detention.

    Prepared:  Be prepared for class.  This means bring a pencil/pen, paper and your textbook.  You will considered unprepared if you need to leave the classroom in order to retrieve any of the required items.  The fourth and all subsequent times any student who comes to class unprepared will result in detention.  Students with a 1:1 laptop should come to school with it fully charged and ready for use.

    Late for class:  In accordance with the school policy:  1st and 2nd late to class a warning will be given; 3rd and 4th late to class will result in a detention; 5th late to class the student's name will be sent to the office on a referral.  The student will be given a "Wednesday detention" and parents will be contacted by the Vice-Principal; 6th late to class an office referral will be sent.  The student will be given a "Wednesday detention" and 9 periods of ISS; 7th late and every late after that point the student will be sent to the office and receive one day of out-of-school suspension.  Parents must bring students back to school.  At that time a meeting will take place to discuss the problem.