What Type of Learner Am I

  • “What kind of learner am I?”

    Grade Level 6-12

     Project Topic:   What kind of learner am I?


    Project Goal:   Understanding the how your brain learns. 


    Project Description:  Students will complete several inventories to determine their learning style.  Further, students will investigate the types of intelligences and determine which of the multiple intelligences best defines the type of learner they are.

    Students will learn in project-based instruction by doing, creating, thinking, and making something that has a meaningful outcome.  Academic skills (i.e. reading, math, writing, science, history, physics engineering, and biomechanics) are incorporated throughout the project.


    Project Objectives:  


                Students will:             1.  Identify the components of the project.

                                                    2.  Locate materials needed to complete the project.

                                                    3.  Measure and calculate learning styles.

                                                    4.  Assemble required materials.

                                                    5.  Design and create the project.

                                                    6.  Write instructions, summaries and statements.

                                                    7.  Read and Research utilizing background materials.

                                                    8.  Use technology to research the topic and complete the project.

                                                    9.  Complete required project checklist.


    Project Timeline:  The project will be completed over a period of three or four class periods.    

    Project Websites:       http://www.going-to-college.org/myplace/style.html






    Project Notes:  Extra printable resources can be found at: 







    “What kind of learner am I?”

    Estimated time required:  3/4 Class Periods


     _____  1.  Review the project packet.    


    _____  2.  Go to http://www.going-to-college.org/myplace/style.html Read and review what learning styles are.  Make a prediction as to what type of learner you are.  (Audio, Visual or Body)

    _____  3.  Complete the Diablo Valley College learning style activity below.   Determine your learning style.  Print your results.  Attach. 


    Additional interesting quizzes below:  (Explore, Complete, Attach)



    _____  4.  Reflection - How does your prediction of your learning style compare to what your results were:  Why do you think that is? 

    _____  5.  After determining your learning style.  Research the term “multiple intelligences” and determine:

                             _____ a.  Who is the founding father of the theory of multiple intelligences? 

                             _____ b.  What are the nine multiple intelligences?  Create a graph using a

                                              computer program such as smartgraph.com, chartgo.com,

                                              onlinecharttool.com, inspiration, powerpoint or word describing

                                               the 8 intelligences.  Attach. 


    ______ 5.  Complete the multiple intelligences assessment quiz via Birmingham grid at http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks3/ict/multiple_int/index.htm  Print your results.  Attach.


    _____  6.  Reflection – What type of intelligences are strongest for you?  

    _____  7.  Critical thinking -  Taking into consideration the type of learner you are and the type of multiple intelligences which are strongest for you, what does this say about how you learn?  What does this say about how you should study? 

    _____  8.  Explore the connection between education and how your brain functions.  Go to http://www.funderstanding.com/theory/brain-based-learning/brain-based-learning/ and review the article on brain based learning. 


    _____  9.  Research the term “brain based learning.”  Define:

    _____ 10.  Activity – Review the video “The Learning Brain” at  



    _____  11.  Critical thinking – Taking into consideration your learning styles, the multiple intelligences your strongest in and the physiology of how your brain learns, give some examples of some way you think information should be presented to you to increase your ability to learn and comprehend. 

    _____ 12.  Review checklist.  Complete any missing components.  Hand in check list and online inventory activities. 

     Brain based learning = how the brain learns + teaching strategies

    _____ 13.  Check out “additional printable” resources for tips on maximizing your learning.